Arup’s “parklets” to be created across Liverpool

8 July 2020

Arup’s “parklets” to be created across Liverpool 

As a way of offering some help to recently re-opened restaurants who are struggling with capacity, Arup has been working with the city of Liverpool to transform inner city spaces by designing “parklets” to provide extra tables and chairs for customers. The parklets will not only add some important extra space for restaurants struggling to break-even, but will create additional green spaces throughout the community.

There are various types of parklets, with traditional parklets occupying a former parking space, loading bay or single traffic lane on the carriageway. There are plans for nine traditional parklets to be installed on Bold Street in Liverpool over the summer, but there is potential for this to be expanded across the city. If the scheme is successful it could be rolled out across cities and towns nationwide.

The parklets are modular and easily transformable to suit different forms of weather. In the initial phases of operation, the parklets will be structured with Covid-19 in mind – with screens and social distancing forming part of the planning approach, however assuming that social distancing won’t be around forever, the hope is that parklets will become a lasting feature of the streets, improving culture, health and wellbeing.

The parklets are a great example of the innovation necessary to help rejuvenate our struggling economy and at the same time bring a little more greenery to our cities.